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Reiki Instruction

Teaching Reiki since 1997 has been one of the greatest opportunities of my life. I've had the pleasure of passing along this ancient knowledge and passing Reiki Attunements to over 300 students in Ohio, Miami, FL and the Bahamas.

Reiki Level I works with physical body healing. Level II focuses on mental, emotional, and distance healing. Level III is for spiritual healing and Reiki Mastery. Each level is distinctly abundant in knowledge and practical, hands-on experience.

I teach Reiki one-on-one. This gives the student full-out, concentrated attention with one, eight-hour day for each level. There is a gap between each level so the student can practice and fully integrate all they have learned in the class. When they are ready, they return for the next level.

Reiki assists the student in clearing, rebalancing and strengthening their energetic field. It also helps them gain confidence in themselves to use these new skills of healing and to integrate the Reiki elevated energy (Attunements) into all areas of their lives.

I suggest to anyone who would like to learn Reiki to order a copy of the book, Essential Reiki, by Diane Stein. Read the sections on The History, The Attunements, and Level I. Then find the right teacher for you. I am here to assist any student with their process and to answer any questions they may have.

Learning Reiki is a remarkable journey which will indeed change your life for the best. It is a healing umbrella where many other modalities can fit into it quite nicely. It is a new language of consciousness in these heightened and ever-expanding times of renewal within ourselves and upon our planet.

Reiki begins with the individual, then expands out to everyone and everything, to the planet and beyond. We clearly begin to see through our Reiki experiences how we are all connected in this vast Universe.

To contact me, call or text at 330-224-2126 or email at

Thank you!

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