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Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage creates a thermal, therapeutic effect on the body. Massaging the body with smooth, warm stones is the ultimate in relaxation and self-nurturing care. It allows the body to gently unwind as it releases stress and tension.

A hot stone treatment encompasses all four universal elements necessary for complete wellbeing -- earth, air, fire and water. The body absorbs this energy at the deepest levels of the DNA and cellular memory. This allows the energy field and the nervous system to go into deep rest and repair.

For this treatment, the individual is completely disrobed and draped as the warm stones are placed on the body -- under the neck, in the hands, along the spine and between the toes. The body is worked on face up and then face down during a 1 1/2-hour, luxurious treatment.

The stones used for this treatment are made of volcanic rock and well-suited for holding heat. The temperature of the stones on the body are closely monitored for the safety of the client. Every stone is sanitized between each treatment.

The stones are sacred tools of the ancients, and they likely predate recorded history as a healing technique of our ancestors who were very closely connected to their earthly environment.

Today's modern treatment is an opportunity to let go of the outside world and enter into the quiet realm within your own sacred and beautiful body. 

To arrange an appointment, call or text me at 330-224-2126 or email me at

Thank you!

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