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Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is made up of two words: "Rei" and "Ki."

"Rei" is God's will or the Higher Power, and "Ki" is Life Force Energy. Combined, it is Spiritually-Guided Life Force Energy, and it is available to everyone.

It is an ancient form of hands-on healing and is as natural as a mother's love for her children. We all have these abilities inside of us -- to give and receive pure unconditional love which produces wellbeing.

During a session, you are fully dressed, draped and lying on a warm massage table to receive Reiki. People often drift into deep sleep while fully receiving this treatment.

As the practitioner begins to connect with God Source Energy through the crown and Mother Earth Energy through the feet, a surge of warm energy begins flowing through the practitioner's hands and body and into the client's body. The Reiki Healer is the vessel through which the energy flows to the area where it is needed and at the levels and amounts that are needed. God does the healing.

Reiki activates and connects into the Supreme Universal Consciousness which has the ability to shift energy from illness to wellness. It allows for the release, rebalance, and restoration of the receiver's systems, leaving him/her with a renewed sense of wellbeing.

There are no contraindications to receiving a soothing, relaxing and energizing Reiki treatment. It works well with other modalities and benefits human beings as well as pets and plants.

I personally began receiving Reiki in 1991, and I know this energy healing has assisted me in a multitude of ways, including helping me heal completely from breast cancer in 1993. (I did receive surgery, but I declined chemotherapy and radiation in exchange for more natural treatment including Reiki.)

Because we are all connected at the energetic level, Reiki can be done in person or at a distance. I have seen many healings of all levels as a result of Reiki, and I have devoted my life to helping as many people as possible who have wanted to receive this extraordinary energy from God and Mother Earth.

If you would like to receive a Reiki treatment, please contact me by phone or text at 330-224-2126 or email at

Thank you!

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