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Akashic Record Readings

The Akashic Record is an energetic recording of each person's soul energy from lifetime to lifetime. It is a vibrational track of all our experiences, whether we deem them to be positive or negative. 

The overall purpose of accessing the Akashic Record is to align your day-to-day personality to your Higher Self or Soul. This information releases, rebalances and rebuilds your energy and vibration to a level of purity, shifting your energy from waste and mundane thoughts to positive and elevated thoughts.

When someone desires to have an Akashic Record Reading or Consultation, he or she prepares a list of questions they desire to ask. Their Akashic Record (AR) is opened via a very specific prayer which gives the Reader access to this information through the AR Guides. Your Guides will answer your questions and provide all of the possible data to you from your Record. They want you to have as much information and healing as possible.

As a professional Reader, I act as a conduit between the Guides and the person receiving the Reading. I have been Reading professionally since 1993, but I feel this gift has been with me my entire life.

If you would like to receive a professional Reading locally, nationally or internationally, please call or text me at 330-224-2126 or email at

Thank you!

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