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Energy Tune-Ups

We take our cars in for tune-ups, but what about our own bodies? These treatments are nice, easy and relaxing pick-me-ups for our busy lives.

You will be dressed/undressed and draped with a sheet on the massage table as you receive a combination of compression massage, relaxation massage and energy healing for this one-hour session. I tune into your body and listen to and follow its guidance. The treatment is often completed with the sound of tuning forks and/or singing bowl sounds played quietly over your body.

Energy tune-ups give you a peaceful feeling, even better than you would have after a full night's sleep. (Some people do fall asleep on the table, and that is perfectly fine.)

I devised this treatment for people who might not normally receive a massage and for those who want to receive the many benefits of bodywork without getting undressed.

To schedule an appointment, call or text me at 330-224-2126 or email me at

Thank you!

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