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Massage Therapy

The connection between client and massage therapist for the healing of mind, body, emotions and spirit is one of the most sacred relationships available today. Massage therapy allows the individual to enter into a deeper space within oneself as the body begins to unwind from the everyday stress of life.

My work of massage spans a wide spectrum of modalities that I have studied and practiced over the past 21 years. I tune into each client's specific needs and listen to the body's guidance and direction in creating a treatment especially for that individual.

The type of massage can range from light touch to deep tissue. It can incorporate energy work, healing, pain relief, hot stones, reflexology, aromatherapy or standard Swedish massage. Each person is unique, and each massage honors that individuality.

Allow yourself to go into the deepest rest and repair you have ever experienced. Receive the many benefits of safe, professional touch in a private setting designed just for you.

To set up an appointment, please call or text me at 330-224-2126 or email at

Thank you!

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